European Facials

Our licensed and experienced Estheticians use only the finest facial care products on
the market today - DECLÉOR Paris. DECLÉOR is the specialist in Aroma-Skincare.

DECLÉOR Paris has been dedicated for over 25 years to selecting the purest, natural

and most effective Essential Oils to offer every woman and man the best of Nature.

No matter which facial treatment you choose, you will see an improvement in your

skin's appearance right after your very first treatment.
Facial Treatments
mini facial
This is a perfect treat for your skin between the regular facials or as a consultation, skin
analysis and introduction to DECLÉOR Paris facial products
aromaplastie facial
This facial is perfect for anyone with only minor skin imbalances like dehydration,
congestion, poor circulation or sensitive skin. Your face is nourished with a cocktail of
vitamins and proteins, with improved microcirculation and hydration. Includes one
customized vitamin masque.
integral facial
Your skin will feel soft and clean after this treat. This wonderful facial offers all advantages
of steaming, extraction and double masque. This facial is oxygenating for oily skin,
intensely moisturizing for dry and dehydrated skin, soothing and calming for sensitive skin
and nourishing for mature skin.
specific facial
Designed with the most demanding or problematic skin in mind. This treatment includes
more steaming and more extraction for acne and oily skin, provides  immediate comfort
and support
for overly sensitive skin, re-mineralizes and lifts mature skin or deeply
nourishes and moisturizes extremely dry skin. Includes DECLÉOR specific masque.
whitening facial
Your face will be bright and revitalized after this facial. Designed with the hyper-pigmented
complexion in mind, this facial prevents or reverses appearance of dark spots and dark
circles around eyes.
mature skin facial
Lift, tone and get rid of wrinkles with this wonderful treat for your skin. Cleansing and
gentle exfoliation follows by lifting, hydrating and firming of your skin with specifically
designed DECLÉOR Paris products.
teen facial
This is a great way to teach your teen the importance of starting a balanced regimen at an
early age. We will treat your teen to a professional skin cleansing and analysis, helping
deter skin problems before they appear.
alpha treatment
This exfoliating treatment is usually taken in a series of 4 to 6 treatments. It will give you
immediate results no matter what skin type you have. It will also give you radiance and
luminocity after your very first treatment.
back "facial"
Who said that your back can't get a facial? This is the treatment for the hardest place to
reach on our body - the back. Exfoliation follows by steaming and extraction for the
whiteheads and blackheads and finishes off by moisturiser.