Home Visits

Massage in the comfort of your own home is the perfect treat! After the massage you
can go straight to sleep or relax in the comfort of your own home. Home visits are
available for full body massages only, except for the hot stone and the dry skin therapy
massages. We will bring the table, sheets, towels, lotions and even candle and healing
music if requested.

Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology techniques are blended for a
perfectly balanced treatment that will sooth away tension, refresh
your body and leave you feeling brand new!
Our most popular massage! This is a specially designed blend of
Medical Massage, focused on the painful or aching area, and relax
This massage is designed to make your pregnancy more pleasant
or bounce back to your pre-natal self with help of this treatment.
Specific bodywork makes you more comfortable, minimizes
stretch marks, improves circulation and aids in the repair of
lymphatic systems.
lymphatic drainage
This massage is a blend of techniques designed to get your
lymphatic system flowing the right way, unblock lymphatic
pathways and improve the overall circulation.
deep tissue
Deep medical massage along with thermotherapy beneficial for a
person with more than one aching area or someone who likes a
very strong touch.
This is a deep medical massage combined with thermotherapy and
beneficial for a person with tingling or numbness caused by
blocked or pinched nerves.
Combination of techniques along with thermotherapy and stretching
designed for athletes and sports players to improve the range of
motion and help for faster recovery after injuries and workouts.