Massage Packages

Packages are available for all of our treatments except Acupuncture. The packages must
be pre-paid in order to receive the discount. The discounts are: 5% off any 5 treatments or
10% off any 10 treatments. Here are some examples:

Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology techniques are blended for a
perfectly balanced treatment that will sooth away tension, refresh
your body and leave you feeling brand new!
Our most popular massage! This is a specially designed blend of
thermotherapy (hotpacks), Medical Massage, focused on the
painful or aching area, and relax massage.
This massage is designed to make your pregnancy more pleasant
or bounce back to your pre-natal self with help of this treatment.
Specific bodywork makes you more comfortable, minimizes
stretch marks, improves circulation and aids in the repair of
lymphatic systems.
lymphatic drainage
This massage is a blend of techniques designed to get your
lymphatic system flowing the right way, unblock lymphatic
pathways and improve the overall circulation.
deep tissue
Deep medical massage along with thermotherapy beneficial for a
person with more than one aching area or someone who likes a
very strong touch.
This is a deep medical massage combined with thermotherapy and
beneficial for a person with tingling or numbness caused by
blocked or pinched nerves.
Combination of techniques along with thermotherapy and stretching
designed for athletes and sports players to improve the range of
motion and help for faster recovery after injuries and workouts.
hot stone
The ancient healing art of stone massage, a modality for physical
and spiritual balancing is working in harmony using various
massage techniques and warm stones, relaxing the body at its
deepest level. Natural lava stones of different size and weight are
warmed in seawater and applied to the body, transmitting soothing
energy and deep penetrating comfort. The application of the hot,
smooth stones not only emits a profoundly penetrating heat that
melts tension from each muscle but also submerges you in a state
of oneness with Mother Earth. The intense experience of Hot Stone
Therapy Massage has made it the latest rage on the international
spa scene, and it's only offered at top spas of the world.
dry skin therapy
A perfect treat for dry skin! This is our signature treatment and it is
exclusively available at our spa, therefore you can not get it at any
other spa.This massage treatment gives you a triple benefit - a
benefit of the massage, benefit of exfoliating and benefit of
moisturisers. First, you will get a gentle all-over body exfoliation with
an Organic Body Brush and cleansing of your skin with a soothing
hot towel. Herbal Select Body Therapy, Face Therapy and Foot
Therapy massage cremes will be used in the massage to deeply
moisturize and condition skin with their rich, luxurious formulas.